To All Women in Business - Be Inspired to Be a Role Model

I recently came across a very interesting article in the Harvard Business Review titled:  America's Next Top Engineer:  She Needs Your Role Models by Linda Kekelis.  The article discusses the importance of women in business acting as a role model for younger women in order to dispel stereotypes.  There is a specific focus in the article on science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  I particularly like the statement:  "If we could only put the same level of resources into inspiring girls in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) that we do into discovering America's Next Top Model...."  So true isn't it?  The article implores us -

"We have to go out of our way to provide such models because too few girls have made their way into technical fields in the past. We can't count on a girl's having a STEM role model already in the women she knows well—her mother, relatives, and neighbors. When a girl meets a woman succeeding in STEM, it expands the range of careers she considers as she imagines her own future."

The concept of the article can be applied in many industries.  I urge you to apply it to your own industry.  I have been inspired to be a role model - have you?


State of Construction recently posted an article titled "Construction picks up, but pace remains slow", indicating that, although home construction rose 3.5% since April 2011, the pace of construction is far below the 1.2 million homes per year that must be built to sustain a healthy housing market according to economists.  Although the number of housing permits increased, condominium and apartment construction was the main reason.  Unfortunately, according to this article,the construction pace of single-family homes, which accounts for about 80 percent of all residential construction, is well below the 2010 rate. 

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