Now That You Can Find Brownfields - Where Can You Find the Funding to Remediate and Develop?

Team Pennsylvania Foundation and the Department of Environmental Protection recently announced a collaboration to create a searchable inventory of Brownfields properties across Pennsylvania.  There are currently 133 properties listed on the site.

Brownfield Site awaiting development in Dragon Lane                     

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Obviously, the goal here is to redevelop these abandoned sites.  But with what money in this economy?  DEP's website contains a list of support and funding programs.  For example, the Department of Community and Economic Development offers the Industrial Site Reuse Program provides environmental site assessment and remediation funding in the form of low interest loans to private developers and businesses.  DEP also offers a Brownfield Assessment/Remediation Grant, which, not surprisingly, is dependent upon available funding. 

There are sources of funding out there.  It may not be easy to find, but you won't know if it is available until you ask. 

Don't You Wish Your Projects Received an Expedited Review??

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Yesterday, the Obama Administration announced the selection of 14 infrastructure projects around the country that would receive an expedited permitting and environmental review process.  These projects were granted expedited review status because they are expected to create a significant number of jobs. 

I admit, I was glad to see that the Tappan Zee Bridge project was on the list.  I often drive over that bridge on my way to Connecticut to visit my in-laws.  Unfortunately, for me and others who drive over the bridge, the project is not "shovel ready" and will not begin for several years. 

There is something else that is unfortunate,  The projects on this list are only being expedited with respect to federal permitting and environmental reviews.  Wouldn't it have been nice if the Governor could order a decree including your project on the short list for an expedited review by, say, DEP or the Army Corps of Engineers? 

I have seen many projects ready to move forward, but awaiting one last permit from an outside agency.  Applying the Obama Administration's standards locally, sounds like if your project has the ability for significant job creation, you should approach your legislators and see how you can get your project on the short list for an expedited review.